Student research week lesson: we shall henceforth print in pink!

Posted March/April 2017


The TAMU Student Research Week is one of the nation’s largest single-university student-run research symposium and the NLD was well-represented!

The Impulsivity team (Lucy Chen, Mia Jia, & Diana Guerra) presented their poster on impulsive behavior and attentional control in adolescents. Due to a printer error, their poster came out in pink. This, however, did not appear to be a handicap. In fact, they won several prizes:
- 2nd place award in the Education and Human Development Subject Area
- 1st place University-wide Writing Center for Outstanding Abstract Award (among all graduate students!) 

Congrats to these champs! We will, from now on, print all our posters pink!

Other NLD contributors were Qinxin Shi who gave a short but powerful speech on the role of self-regulation throughout development and Dr. Woltering tried very hard to give creative answers in a super-smart faculty panel on interdisciplinary Research (see link: