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NLD Lab Philosophy

  • Innovation occurs at the crossroads of disciplines and conducting translational neurobiological research is inherently interdisciplinary. We therefore respect individual strengths and seek people who excell in areas like technology, computer science, biology, mathematics/statistics, social skills/networking, theory, writing, and/or organization and administration. But most importantly, we foster motivated team players who are willing to learn from and teach each other.
  • The lab is run like a family business. We care for each other, stimulate entrepreneurship, and deliver quality output (good graduates, effective dissemination, innovative products or methodologies) that furthers our mission.

  • As a supervisor, I [Dr. Woltering] am expecting graduate students to be self-motivated and naturally inquisitive. I like to involve students at many levels of research, give them personal responsibility, and provide guidance, opportunities, and direction where needed or asked for. However, I also challenge them to become maximally confident and capable agents for the future.

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