Pazoki, sadie

Sadie is a PhD student in Developmental Sciences at the Department of Educational Psychology. Her Primary research interest is cognitive neuroscience. Particularly, she is interested in using biometric measures such as EEG and eye-tracking to understand neurobiological processes involved in language learning, language use, reading, and development of executive function and emotion regulation and their role in learning. Her research background was on language education topics such as needs analysis, motivation, language attitude and feedback, the result of which have been published in four research papers in peer-reviewed journals. She joined the NLD lab in 2020, where she is cooperating in LIMO project which focuses on understanding the underlying neural mechanism of reading and role of self-regulation in the development of reading skills in children, and in Math project which investigates the neural correlates of mental math and the role of emotion regulation in doing math tasks. She is also working as a graduate assistant in the TAMU Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Evaluation where she is assisting in the assessment of university course effectiveness and students’ learning achievements. Upon graduation, she is keen to join academia and learning and development research labs.