Shi, Qinxin

Qinxin Shi has joined the Neurobiological lab for Learning and Development (NLD) since 2014. Her research examines the impact of children’s and adolescent’s resilience on their socio-emotional development and academic performance. She is now actively working on the 14-years longitudinal study, named Project Achieve. In this project, she adopted a risk and resilience framework and examined how early childhood resilience is longitudinally associated with socio-emotional development in a sample of academically at-risk children. Additionally. She is also interested in applying what we learn from cognitive neuroscience to educational settings for at-risk children and adolescents. She is the project manager of a research project named Advancing Literacy in Texas through Biometrics in which ERPs and behavioral measures will be used to better understand resilience and reading ability in children and use that biometrics information to help children who have difficulty learning to read. She is also actively working on an international collaboration project with Beijing Normal University and try to understand the role of resilience on elementary school readiness and determine which biometrics are relevant markers of early childhood resilience and find biomarkers that signal relevant individual differences between children with high on resilience and their peers who do not.