Neurobiological Lab for Learning and Development

Welcome to the Neurobiological lab for Learning and Development (NLD) located within the Department of Educational Psychology. We increase knowledge on human development and learning through researching our biology and behavior.

NLD News

Manuscript accepted on Attentional Blink task!

Proud to report that our paper on Neural Correlates of Attentional Bias to Food Stimuli in Obese Adolescents was accepted in the journal Brain Topography! Please congratulate the authors: Drs Steven, Chen, and Jia!!

Chao passed defense!

Wow, it's literally raining doctors the past few weeks in the NLD! The latest is none other than our Chao Gu, who made us proud at his defense with an impressive presentation! The tie helped but even without it the committee believed this was his best performance...
Mia defense

Big congratulations to Mia!

Yes, its hard to believe but we have more labsels graduating! We are very proud of Mia who successfully defended her thesis! Mia took on a large load as she spearheaded a multidisciplinary project examining physiological correlates of sleep efficiency in elderly at...
Lucy Cool

Lucy passed defense!!!

We are proud of Lucy who did a great job defending her thesis on a new multilevel bayesian nonparametric algorithm that can help researchers model potential outcomes on, for example, quasi-experimental intervention studies. The committee was highly impressed with her...
Qinxin Shi Dissertation

Congratulations to Dr. Qinxin Shi

The good news keeps piling up for Qinxin as she passed her defense with flying colors on the 22nd of June. We are extremely proud of Qinxin!

Qinxin’s hat-trick!

Woah, Qinxin finally found the goal posts and scored an impressive 3 papers in the span of 6 weeks for the developmental project! The papers examined the role of ego-resiliency in predicting developmental trajectories of prosocial, internalizing, externalizing, and...

New website!

Dear visitor, we hope you like our new website! If you do, please thank our Lucy Chen and the CEHD marketing and communications team! If you don't, well...  get some ice cream and get over it soon! Unfortunately, we were not able to transfer all old news posts so...
Dr. Brenna Lin

Congratulations to Dr. Brenna Lin

Congratulations to Brenna Lin who successfully defended her thesis today on the relationship between self-reported, behavioral, and physiological measures of emotion regulation! We are all very proud of her accomplishment and a celebratory reception will be held tomorrow during the lab meeting.

Megan chicago

Megan presenting at the American Psychological Association

Megan needs all her concentration to prepare for her poster ‘Mapping Freshmen Engineering Student’s Academic Journey: A Qualitative Perspective’, while not falling on the Chicago skyline!

Dr. Steven visiting Beijing Normal University

Dr. Steven visiting Beijing Normal University

Last week Dr. Steven visited one of the top education departments in China: the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning. The faculty (Dr. Sha Tao) and many students were extremely welcoming and we had a extremely productive time: two talks, two workshops, and several meetings on ongoing collaborations.