One important mission of the NLD-lab is to help faculty and students better understand the biological correlates of learning and development. In the future, next to courses, hands-on workshops will be provided for groups of students and faculty who want to learn how to use advanced biometric tools in their research. Seminars will be open to students and faculty on specific themes related to the lab’s mission.

Contact our lab director for workshop requests and/or seminar ideas.

Courses will be provided for students who want to learn more about how biometrics can be used to enhance existing research and influence theory. We will offer face-to-face and online courses, as well as tutorials about brain basics and neuroscience.


EPSY 634: Educational Neuroscience

EPSY 689: Developmental Neurobiological of Learning

Workshops will offer intense hands-on training based on specific topics such as:

  • EEG technology,
  • Experimental design, and
  • Task programming.

Seminar series feature lectures and discussions with specialists in the field of neuroscience and psychophysiology.