Posted April 2017

Congratulations. Qinxin passed the tough R1 NLD exam is is now officially certified to do EEG applications!

Posted April 2017

The NLD organized a KILLER of a trip to see Body Worlds at the Health museum in Houston. Lab members were treated to human bodies stripped of their skin, fully exposing the marvelous complexity of our insides!

Posted April 2017 

Mia represented the NLD at the grand opening of the new Human Clinical Research Facility (where our sleep lab is now located). We congratulate the Dr. Deutz and his team on this exciting day and we cannot wait to collaborate on many projects! Read more about it... more

Posted April, 2017

"This is my favorite conference", Dr. Jeffrey Liew.

The Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) decided to hold their conference in Austin, Texas this year which made it easy (though not cheap) for several lab members to drop by! Qinxin Shi and Jade... more

Poster March/April 2017

The NLD is very proud to have hosted the K-12 Grade school teachers who choose to join the NLD during the STEM-4 Education event. Teachers went through an intense 2-day demonstrations/workshop on how neurobiology can make a difference in Education. The... more