Posted by Steven in March 2018 


Dr. Marie Banich, director of the Institute of Cognitive Science at the university of Colorado, visited the NLD today! Christine made some delicious snacks and Qinxin and Lucy provided some excellent presentations about some of the research we are... more

Posted by Steven February 2018

We congratulate Mahati as the recipient of the highly prestigious 2017 CEHD Strategic Research Award! Her impressive list of poster presentations and promising research program convinced the reviewers! May many publications follow next year!

Posted by Steven in January 2018


Under the leadership of Qinxin Shi, the NLD made due on its outreach mission last week! During the span of two sessions, more than 30 teachers were treated to a introduction to the lab by Qinxin, various demonstrations of our equipment (thanks to... more

Posted by Steven January 2018


The NLD wishes everyone a safe and non-sniffy return to campus!


The 2018 newsletter went out a week ago. If you've missed it, please check out the link here: more

Posted on January, 2018

Good news! The NLD received funds from the Open-project fund supported by Beijing Normal University in collaboration with Dr. Sha Tao. This means that Dr. Steven and Qinxin will travel to Beijing this summer to conduct a small research project!