July 2017

Dr. Woltering visited Mexico this summer to establish strong connections with the Instituto de Neurociencias at the University of Guadalajara. Dr. Andrés González-Garrido (seen in picture) and his team were fantastic hosts of a very successfully run conference exploring the... more

Posted by Steven May 2017

As the semester came to an end, the NLD could be found at poolside party & lasertag locations.

We proudly celebrated the graduation degrees of our beloved Diana Guerra and Neyra Hernandez! We also took the time to say goodbye to Marike Deutz, our... more

Posted by Steven April 2017


While half the NLD was in San Antonio being busy partyi... presenting academic works, the other half was at the prestigious TAMU Neuroscience Institute representing the NLD at the annual poster session! Marike Deutz, Linda Sun, and Yan Li reported a... more

Posted by Steven in April 2017


As you can see from the picture, both Lucy and Mia were presenting a nice glossy poster on their work on attentional bias in anxious individuals. They attracted a lot of attention and had a range of questions fired at them on topics related to... more

Posted by Steven in April 2017


The round-table discussions by Chris Prickett and Brenna Lin were off to a slow start in the morning as the Fiesta San Antonio parade slowed traffic down. However, interest in their table was mounting after more people trickled in to a point where ... more