Posted Feb 2019 by Steven

Check out these two intriguing silhouettes at the Southwest Educational Research Association Conference (SERA) last week in San Antonio. These shady shapes were sharing preliminary results from the math project, describing the role of emotion regulation on... more

Posted by Steven January 2019

The NLD is wishing you a joyful and productive 2019! May those neurons fire brightly and coherently! For a brief overview of 2018, please check the newsletter: https://mailchi.... more

Posted by Steven in December


This is a very exciting moment for us! Mia and Lucy published their first sleep paper of our lab exploring factor structure of sleep behavior across development! Check out the preview of the paper... more

Posted by Steven on October 2018


The NLD struck again as almost all its members were awarded large sums of money to support their research projects! We are grateful to be with such a supportive college!