Posted by Steven on October 2018


The NLD struck again as almost all its members were awarded large sums of money to support their research projects! We are grateful to be with such a supportive college!

Posted on Sept 2018 by Steven


Congratulations to Chao Gu and Dr. Steven who published a paper in the Open Access journal PeerJ on the neural processing of working memory in ADHD! Please check out the paper here: more

Posted by Steven July 2018

Meanwhile, in Australia...

Reports are that Qinxin Shi has been impressing crowded rooms with her presentation on 'The Differentiated Developmental Trajectories of Early Childhood Ego Resiliency and Their Associations with Later Developmental Problem... more

Posted by Steven July 2018


Please congratulate Jenna Schwartz on her accomplishment today. She passed the R1 exam and is trained and ready to help out with EEG assessments!