Woah, Qinxin finally found the goal posts and scored an impressive 3 papers in the span of 6 weeks for the developmental project! The papers examined the role of ego-resiliency in predicting developmental trajectories of prosocial, internalizing, externalizing, and co-morbid problem behaviors. Further, they also examined how reading and math ability interacted throughout development!!

You can soon read all about it in these papers:

Shi, Q., Ettekal, I., Deutz, M.H.F., & Woltering, S. (In press). Trajectories of Pure and Co-occurring Internalizing and Externalizing Problems from Early Childhood to

Erbeli, F., Shi, Q., Campbell, A. R., Hart, S. A., & Woltering, S. (In press). Developmental Dynamics between Reading and Math in Elementary School. Developmental Science.

Shi, Q., Ettekal, I., Liew, J., & Woltering, S. (In press). Predicting Differentiated Developmental Trajectories of Prosocial Behavior: A 12-Year Longitudinal Study on Children Facing Early Risks and Vulnerabilities. International Journal of Behavioral Development.