Posted Oct 2019 by Steven


Congratulations to Brenna Lin who successfully defended her thesis today on the relationship between self-reported, behavioral, and physiological measures of emotion regulation! We are all very proud of her accomplishment and a celebratory reception will... more

Posted by Steven in August 2019 Megan needs all her concentration to prepare for her poster 'Mapping Freshmen Engineering Student's Academic Journey: A Qualitative Perspective', while not falling on the Chicago skyline!

Posted by Steven in July, 2019

Last week Dr. Steven visited one of the top education departments in China: the State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning. The faculty (Dr. Sha Tao) and many students were extremely welcoming and we had a extremely productive time: two... more

Posted by Steven May 2019

Congratulations to Linda Sun for passing the grueling R1 exam today. Linda will now be certified to use EEG in the data collection for her projects!

Posted by Steven in May 2019


Congratulations to Dr. Kopparla as she passed her dissertation defense in a spectacular fashion. With an army of support (including her parents), a big cake, and a fantastic talk, the committee had no doubt Mahati would be a great force for good. Her... more